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How to Turn Your PDF to Mind Map in a Few Clicks?

Chat PDF AI use step 1

1. Just upload your PDF and click "Start".

Chat PDF AI use step 2

2. AI will analyze data in your PDF and generate a Mind Map according to PDF's structure.

Chat PDF AI use step 3

3. You can edit Mind Map as you want to get results you need. You can also input text instructions to let AI modify it for you.

Features of Chat PDF AI online

Why Do You Need PDF to Mind Map?

Unlock the full potential of your PDFs with cutting-edge AI features: smarter, faster, and more intuitive than ever before.

  • For Personal Use: Get a better overview for PDF’s topic and main points.
  • For Academic Use: Conclude news findings and key arguments in a more visible way.
  • For Professional Use: Best for turning team brainstorming ideas/business report summary into Mind maps.

What's Special About PDF to Mind Map?

Revolutionize your PDF experience with Chat PDF AI Online: Seamless, smart solutions at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere.

  • 100% editable Mind Map: Adjust your Mind Map to perfect.
  • Free&Online service: Free to edit,download,share with anyone,anytime.
  • Preserve original key data: Maintain original formats and images from PDF.
Why choose ChatPDF AI
Why choose ChatPDF AI
Why choose ChatPDF AI
Why choose ChatPDF AI

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Best for beginner

$0 /Month

Get Started
  • 50 questions per day
  • 5 conversations per day
  • 100 pages per document(max 15MB)
  • 1 document per day
  • GPT-3.5
  • Max upload size: 15MB


Best value

$18.99 /Month

Get Started
  • Unlimited questions per day
  • Unlimited conversations conversations per day
  • 5000 pages per document
  • 200 document per day
  • GPT-3.5
  • GPT-4 model (Credits required)
  • Claude-3model (Credits required)
  • Max upload size: 100MB


Most popular

$9.99 /Month

Get Started
  • 1000 questions per day
  • 50 conversations per day
  • 30 document per day
  • 2000 pages per document
  • GPT-3.5
  • GPT-4 model (Credits required)
  • Claude-3 model (Credits required)
  • Max upload size: 30MB


  • 1. How do I convert a PDF to a mind map?

    Simply upload your PDF file to the converter tool, and it will automatically generate a mind map.

  • 2. Is the PDF to Mind map tool safe?

    Yes, we use advanced encryption and privacy measures to ensure your documents are secure.

  • 3. Can I edit the content of the mind map?

    Yes, the generated mind maps are fully editable, allowing you to modify the text and structure as needed.

  • 4. Is there a size limit for the PDF files?

    For basic needs, the size limit for PDF files is up to 50 MB.